In California, I visited a restaurant called Coconut Rabbit, and I loved their spring rolls. Since I can’t make a 20 hour drive out there every time I want spring rolls, I decided to make my own. I was nervous about the rice paper since it didn’t say specifically gluten free, but I researched brands and found some safe ones. These rolls are very easy and fun to make!

You will need…

1 Package of rice paper (I used Greenland brand because I know they are gluten free!)
1 Red bell pepper
2 Carrots, peeled
1 Cucumber
1 Pineapple

For the sauce…

1/4 C Peanut Butter
1 T Hoisin Sauce
2 t Soy Sauce
1 Clove Garlic
1 T Warm Water
1 T Rice Vinegar

The first step is to slice all of the veggies and pineapple into strips.


After the veggies are done, they are ready to be wrapped in rice paper. To get the rice paper ready, each sheet needs to be dipped in warm water until it turns clear. Lay some spinach down first on top of the rice paper, and then roll up like a burrito as tightly as you can!






Mine were kind of lumpy, but I’m working on it! Ha.

To make the dipping sauce, just mix all of the ingredients together until smooth.





Tastiness: 8/10 (I think it needs a little more spice.)
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: 9/10 (The fresh fruits and veggies are a little expensive sometimes.)

I hope you enjoy and try this out at home! Let me know how it goes. 🙂



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