My family and I used to eat tuna at least once a week, but then we found scales in one can and chickened out for a while. The other day, I checked all of our tuna cans, and none said gluten free, so I researched a bit. I found that most are gluten free except for the ones that are seasoned, but I did find some that say gluten free right on the can. Bumblebee’s cans had a label and so did SafeCatch. I’ve tried the latter, but not bumblebee yet. This is just a quick lunch that I made the other day for work! It’s pretty inexpensive except for the tortillas. I’m sure you could substitute sandwich bread or a cheaper brand of tortilla, though!


Difficulty: Easy
Cost: 9/10
Tastiness: 8/10

You will need…

1 Can of tuna
2 Slices of pickle
Handful of spinach
1 Carrot
Green Onions
2 T Mayonnaise
2 Gluten Free Tortillas

To make the tuna salad, just drain the tuna and dice the pickle. Combine the mayo, pickle and tuna in a bowl.

For the wraps, just lay spinach, carrots and half of the tuna salad on each tortilla. Top with green onions, and wrap like a burrito.




This was a very quick lunch, and packed nicely for work!

I hope you enjoy! šŸ™‚


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