This was our first day in Austin, and we got to eat at a restaurant for the first time! In the morning, we had breakfast at the Wild Wood Bakehouse, which was very good and very safe for me to eat!

We also went paddle boarding on the Colorado River, but I didn’t want to risk getting my camera out. We saw lots of turtles and fish, and had fun trying out yoga poses with Steven’s two sisters. The river was way deeper than I expected it to be, and I liked being able to swim.

After paddle boarding, we went to the Galaxy Cafe to eat. It was good, but not my favorite!

We also visited the capitol, which was really huge and interesting! But! We saw hordes of people playing Pokemon, so that was weird. Grown people were running as fast as they could to catch the little virtual animals. I still can’t decide what I think about that.


Fancy room in the Capitol building.


Steven being dramatic.


Bird’s eye view!



Fancy hinges!


A wild Elizabeth in her unnatural habitat.


Fancy doorknob.


Fancy swivel chair.


Fancy chandelier.


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