Hello again! This weekend I had a picnic with some friends, and I had signed up to make some food for another celiac friend and me. I wanted something kind of fun, but easy to make and pack. These roll-ups worked perfectly, and I got the inspiration from this lovely blog here.


Cost: 10/10
Tastiness: 9/10
Difficulty: Easy

You will need…

1/2 Cup Cooked Quinoa
1/2 Cup Hummus of Choice (Or make your own with this recipe!)
12 Basil Leaves
1 1/2 t Dried Parsley
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 Peeled Carrots
1 Zucchini

First, mix together your quinoa, hummus, and parsley. The original recipe used fresh parsley in the roll-ups, but I like it mixed in with the hummus!


Once that is mixed, slice the zucchini with a mandolin slicer, shred the carrots lengthwise, and slice the pepper into long pieces.




For each roll-up, spread a small amount of hummus mixture onto a zucchini slice.


Place a few carrots, peppers, and a basil leaf at one end, and roll up tightly!



img_4787This recipe made about 12 roll-ups, which was perfect for two people.


I hope you enjoy this recipe and try it out at home! Have a good week everyone! 🙂



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